Wednesday, June 16, 2010


my feet were so gross and crusty. i broke down and got a pedicure, for about 7 dollars, not bad!
the bike repair shop. this is one of the women who took out a loan from us.
this is the view from a cathedral tower in the big city of santa cruz. the city put up a big screen where the world cup is projected. it is really fun to be here for the 'mundial.' it's a much bigger deal here than in the US.
'ahoringa' is bolivian for 'ahorita,' which is spanish for 'right now.' the other day i thought i was clever during family home evening with the sanchez family, and when someone asked me a question i very loudly and emphatically replied 'ahoringo.' i had the wrong vowel ending- everyone laughed and i remained the 'tall white foreigner in the REI pants who wears the same shirt everyday' (pictured above).


  1. That is funny about you saying "ahoringo." I bet they adore you. You look really good, Em, in your REI pants and your bangs are cute. I love all the pictures...I'm sure they'll turn up in some way in future artworks of yours. Love you. Keep it real in Bolivia.

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  3. oh that funny white girl! it is so fun to read the cultural differences that you are noticing. its so interesting how every country speaks spanish a little differently. i am really enjoying seeing all the pictures and hearing tus pensamientos. it is getitng me excited to come down there! a $7 pedicure sounds nice too.

  4. Emily, it looks like you are having so much fun! I love all of the pictures.

  5. you look great emily! so happy and skinny! The pictures are great! So glad to be able to see them and read about your adventures!