Monday, June 28, 2010


Things to miss: Coca cola in glass bottles, empanadas, buying food from people who cook out of their houses,

lunch with the Sanchez family

Sarita, we slept on mattresses in the living room and watched Miley Cyrus on TV all weekend. She always asks me for gum and consistently gets in trouble for eating dessert before dinner.

CHAO. For the record: Sarah, Erwin, Papacho, Chi chi, Hermana Sonia. What an incredible family! They have been so generous and kind to me. Sonia has become one of my
other mothers in my life, one of those kind and nurturing types, who shares their wisdom and life experiences with you. She is an incredible powerhouse of faith. Bolivia is kind of a long ways away to travel to, but I am glad God puts us in the path of the people we need at the time that we need them. Good times.

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