Saturday, June 19, 2010

montero y mi casa

tourists all over the world are at this very moment taking pictures of outdoor markets. i am no different, i present to you: the market in montero. there was a lot i didn´t photograph, like the cages of live chickens, the bulls head in a pan of blood, the rows of booths full of chicken corpses, and lots of really short women walking around with babies tied to their backs.

this one is for my dad:
these are the kids that live at the house where i live. let me explain, there is a store in front of the house and next to it a row of rooms (the blue wall). many people rent rooms from this house, and we all share the bathroom. my room is the second one, btw.
and here is our lovely lovely bathroom, shower on the left, toilet on the right. the shower is cold, but i really dont mind because it is so hot here. chao for now!


  1. Wow, Emily, I had no idea your bathroom was so and all. You don't seem to really let it get to you. Those kids are cute. Did you buy anything at the market? There were lots of fruits I'd never seen before.

  2. I second that wow. The market is beautiful. The bathroom is amazing and crazay. We can always learn something from every experience... :)