Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New places, faces.

this is where we bought the meat for luch today.
nic and moises, who live at the house i stay at. i bribe their friendship with candy. we played basketball together at the church yesterday, their family is investigating the church. This is the hallway of the house. my room is on the left, it is built in typical latin style, an open plaza in the middle, rooms all around, and a small gate to that opens to the street.

the pet parrot. he does not like me. i am scared of him any way, so i do not mind.

my room and huge princess bed. i took two naps yesterday. each time i woke up i was incoherent, forgetting where i was, what language to speak. ..etc.
this is nic, he was pictured earlier. he is six. i gave him some gum yesterday and now he has become my ' kick sider ' as ivy would say. he accompanied me to the market today. he likes dogs a lot and prefers soccer to basketball.

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  1. Emily, Great photos. Thanks for updating your foreign life for us.